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Training at Meadowbank
Starts Wed 16th /Thurs 17th March
WED 5-6pm : Comets 13,17 &18
WED 6-7pm: Comets 2,10,14,&16
WED 7-8pm: Comets 8 &15
THUR 5-6pm: Comets 11 & 12
THUR 6-7pm: Comets 7
THUR 7-8pm Comets 6 & 9

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Round 16 - August 20 (Day)
 (Comets 17)
vsNER 23
Brush Farm
Court 16
 (Comets 18)
Brush Farm
Court 12


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Important Message - Code of Behaviour

posted July 14, 2022 by Susan Brownlow - viewed 27 times

A concerning number of complaints have been made to ERNA during the season about non sportsmanlike behaviour both on and off the court.

The ERNA Meadowbank and Brush Farm contact phone numbers have now been added to the ERNA website on the homepage under the “News” section for members to contact if they have issues on the court on game days. They will also be added to the back of the scoresheets from this Saturday. 

Members can either ring or approach the control rooms for assistance during games – ERNA Committee members are available to visit court side if needed to deal with issues straight away rather than after the game. Any umpiring concerns should be taken to the Umpire on Duty in the umpire room on the carpark side of the canteen. Do not wait until the end of the game!

Players or spectators not following the Netball NSW code of behaviour policy will not be tolerated.

The Netball NSW code of behaviour can be found on their website 

And on the ERNA website

A great website link is below:

The Shoosh for Kids Message:
Shoosh for Kids isn’t about staying completely silent, it’s just about making sure we’re all positive.  Our  messages  across the campaign run across five key themes :
  • Overarching:  Think before you speak 
  • General participation:  Keep it positive. Keep it fun. ​
  • Volunteer appreciation:  Remember, volunteers run kids sport.​
  • Respecting the officials:  Respect the referee
  • Supporting the coaches:  Let coaches do the coaching.​

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