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Training at Meadowbank
Starts Wed 16th /Thurs 17th March
WED 5-6pm : Comets 13,17 &18
WED 6-7pm: Comets 2,10,14,&16
WED 7-8pm: Comets 8 &15
THUR 5-6pm: Comets 11 & 12
THUR 6-7pm: Comets 7
THUR 7-8pm Comets 6 & 9

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Upcoming Games

Round 16 - August 20 (Day)
 (Comets 17)
vsNER 23
Brush Farm
Court 16
 (Comets 18)
Brush Farm
Court 12


View Meadowbank Park (MP) Court Map

View Brush Farm (BF) Court Map

About the Comets

Comets Netball Club started in 2009 (as Carlingford Comets Netball Club) with 3 junior teams. We grew quickly and moved our training sessions to Meadowbank Park to accommodate the growing player numbers.

Comets Netball Club is guided by a committee of dedicated parents and players who come together to plan for the club’s long term success.

Our long term plan is to provide assistance to our members to achieve their netball dreams in whatever pathway they choose to follow. Feedback from players and parents is always valued.

Our unique website allows us to communicate the same message to all parents and players. We invite you to browse our News and Events page. You will notice that teams place a weekly game report and the committee reads each one, every week.

Comets are a friendly and caring group of people who work together creating a positive environment to encourage, support and teach our members to strive toward their maximum potential in all aspects of their lives.

Netball is a great way to learn important life skills like communication, problem solving, focus, working within a team and leadership, to name a few.

If you would like more information, please go to our Contact Us page and we will respond quickly to your enquiry.

Debbie Frankenberg - President

Our 2022 Teams

TeamCoach(s)Manager(s)Name on Draw
Day Competition
Senior-A1sTBATricia TonazziComets 1
Senior-B1sDebbie Frankenberg
Harold Brooks
Colette GrundyComets 2
Senior-B2sTBASusan BrownlowComets 3
Senior-C2sTBASusan BrownlowComets 4
Senior-C2sTBAEliza ArathoonComets 5
Senior-C5sPaul GrundyMelanie KunjasichComets 6
Senior-C8sTBARebecca Austen-PaineComets 7
Senior-C8sTBAKate MakinComets 8
Senior-C9sSamantha ThomasJoanne CaravellaComets 9
Cadet-2sDebbie Frankenberg
Harold Brooks
Monica BrowneComets 10
14-3sDebbie Frankenberg
Amelia Derrett
Ali EarleComets 11
14-5sDebbie Frankenberg
Elaine Wu Won
Morgana ManuComets 12
13-1sDebbie Frankenberg (Mentor)
Uliana Katafono
Saskia EvansComets 13
12-2sMargret DornanElaine Wu WonComets 14
12-3sSamantha Thomas
Sienna Browne
Jasmin Carroll
Emily SongComets 15
11-4sCharlotte GilliesJoanne BrownettComets 16
9-WallabiesFelicity LinJulia CarrittComets 17
9-KangaroosBillie ShiAmanda PagettComets 18

Club Committee

The elected committee of the Comets Netball Club is:

President Debbie Frankenberg (0414 256 864)
Secretary Susan Brownlow
Treasurer Simon Brownlow
Registrar Susan Brownlow
Umpiring Convenor Janine Joannou
Coaching Convenor Samantha Thomas
Uniform Co-ordinator Lisa Lane
Awards / Presentation Coordinator Vaishali Ravichattu
Equipment Officer Lynnda Murphy
General Member Billie Shi
General Member Elaine Wu Won
Assistant Coaching Convenor Harold Brooks

Club Constitution and Policies

Copies of the Comets Netball Club constitution and policies are available to Comets Netball Club members with login access to this web site.

If you would like a copy of any of these documents contact the club secretary from the Contact Us page and select the "Club Documents" category.