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Important Night Competition Update

posted October 19, 2020 by Susan Brownlow - viewed 143 times

Hi Night Comp Clubs,
Not unexpectedly, we had a few teething challenges last week for round 1.  Nothing major and with your assistance I'm sure things will improve this week.
Please could you remind all your teams / participants of the following:
  • Do NOT arrive early
  • On arrival head under the ERNA building and around the playground - do not try to enter the courts from anywhere else
  • Wait off the courts at the end of the soccer field until an announcement you can take the courts - this applies to 5:30pm matches too:
    • For 5:30pm matches entry is from 5:14pm
    • For 6:50pm matches entry is from 6:34pm (subject to the courts being empty)
    • For 8:10pm matches entry is from 7:54pm (subject to the courts being empty)
  • After your matches please leave promptly - we have a tight turnaround and dawdling eats into the warm-up time for the subsequent matches
  • 1st named team in the fixtures is the scoring team who should collect the scoresheet from the hot food canteen window
  • 1st named team for 5:30pm matches should also collect post pads from the room near the ladies toilets / change rooms
  • If the match has no spectators please note this on the back of the scoresheet so we know it's correct that no names have been listed
Please let me know if you have any follow on questions at any stage.
Thanks in advance for your continued support and assistance.
Trevor Carlyle-Hoggan
ERNA COVID-19 Safety Coordinator 

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