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Wonderful day for Comet's umpires

posted September 19, 2020 by Janine Joannou - viewed 128 times

The last Saturday of the season brought much success for the Comet's umpires.

Jiya received her ERNA encouragement award. Jiya has increased in confidence and skill this year, and implemented all the advice her mentors have provided. Well Done Jiya - keep up the great work!

Annabelle and Margret were both awarded their National C badge today.

Annabelle has been umpiring a variety of grades over the last couple of years, and has this year made a concerted effort to refine her skills towards badging. She has developed a calm and confident court manner, and moves beautifully over the court. Fantastic Work Annabelle!

Margret brings much netball experience to her umpiring, and has progressed quickly on her umpiring journey. She exhibits lovely control of the game, and today brought all those skills together to put on a wonderful display. Great work Margret.

Two of our Comets umpires, Charlotte and Tarsha, received the ERNA Umpire of the Month award today, in recognition of their ongoing umpiring commitment, attitude  and progress. Congratulations to you both!

And all of our umpires have made a positive impact this season. They have been enthusiastic, reliable and flexible, and have all given their best each week. Thank you to you all!!

A shout out to our umpire mentors Billie, Alex and Simon, who have worked tirelessly with all of our umpires to enable them to progress and refine their skills. Much appreciated by the Comets family and the wider ERNA association.



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