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Message from ERNA Regarding Covid-19 Case @ M'bank

posted September 8, 2020 by Susan Brownlow - viewed 194 times

Dear Clubs,

Please be advised that we are working with NSW Health as a player from a match during the 12.30pm time slot at Meadowbank Park on Saturday 5th September 2020 has since tested positive to COVID-19.

As per our protocols, we have provided NSW Health with the scoresheet from the match in question and they have confirmed that this is all they need from us.

In addition, NSW Health has advised us that:

·   NSW Health will contact all close contacts 

·   everyone else that attended Meadowbank Park netball during the 12.30p.m. time slot should be regarded as a casual contact and should monitor for symptoms (as we're all supposed to be doing anyway)

·   anyone that attended earlier or later in the day is not regarded as being at risk and thus is not regarded as a casual contact

·   we can continue to prepare for our next matches this coming Saturday

We will provide further updates if anything changes but there is no need for alarm as NSW Health are managing the process. 

From: ERNA President Karen Waud and ERNA Covid-19 Safety Officer Trevor Carlyle-Hoggan

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