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Wet Weather Notifications
Wet weather notifications will be posted on the ERNA Facebook Page or ERNA website.
Training at Meadowbank
Wed 5-6pm- 12/4
Wed 6-7pm -13/2,13/3,Cad 2 & Cad 3
Wed 7-8pm - 14/2, A2 & B1
Thur-5-6pm -8s,11/3 &12/5
Thur 6-7pm -9s &10/2s
Thur 7-8pm -Cad 4, Cad 6 & C3

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Wet Weather Procedure

posted June 17, 2020 by Debbie Frankenberg - viewed 146 times

Mother Nature loves to keep us on our toes.  She can be very tricky!

As in the past, a decision will not be made until after 4pm so please check your email and our Facebook page after 4pm on your training day.

Always let your coach and manager know if you are unable to attend practice and games, for whatever reason. 



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