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Training at Meadowbank
Wed 5-6pm- 12/4
Wed 6-7pm -13/2,13/3,Cad 2 & Cad 3
Wed 7-8pm - 14/2, A2 & B1
Thur-5-6pm -8s,11/3 &12/5
Thur 6-7pm -9s &10/2s
Thur 7-8pm -Cad 4, Cad 6 & C3

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Practice Sessions

posted June 17, 2020 by Debbie Frankenberg - viewed 99 times

This week is our "official" start to the season and I know that everyone is excited to finally begin.

Sessions are still no contact drills and skills.  Coaches should get their ball wipes tonight so please use those as needed.  Managers will get their Saturday supply a little later.

No parents are allowed onto the courts for practice sessions.  Please ensure that you meet your child on the grass area behind court 1.  I will be watching departure procedures so please don't encourage your child to do anything that might make me need to speak with you.  These procedures are put in place by ERNA for everyone's protection.

A huge sense of humour is the order of the day, every day at the moment but thankfully, we are all used to change now.  As things progress, as has been the trend over the past month, then we will update and adjust accordingly.


This is our new beginning so let's have some fun! 

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