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Training at Meadowbank
Wed 5-6pm- 12/4
Wed 6-7pm -13/2,13/3,Cad 2 & Cad 3
Wed 7-8pm - 14/2, A2 & B1
Thur-5-6pm -8s,11/3 &12/5
Thur 6-7pm -9s &10/2s
Thur 7-8pm -Cad 4, Cad 6 & C3

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Junior & Senior Netball Registration Link for 2020

posted January 1, 2020 by Susan Brownlow - viewed 293 times

Happy New Year to all our members

The Registration link is now open and Active kids vouchers are available to download from Service NSW.

Please invite any friends who are interested in joining our club to go to the website News and Events article or forward on to friends by email.

The link will be available on our Facebook page and Comets Home page soon

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