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ERNA Night Interdistrict Team 1

posted August 14, 2019 by Debbie Frankenberg - viewed 53 times

Congratulations to Annabel Da Rin who, in my view, is one of the most exciting defence players to watch.  Annabel played in our A1 team this year and as I cast what's left of my mind back, I don't remember her sitting on the sideline ... and deservedly so.  Her team mates take themselves off so that Annabel isn't.  That's incredibly high praise given the calibre of player making that decision.

Nice work on making ERNA's No 1 NID team!  It's part of your journey toward a higher grade Metro League team in 2020.  We are all behind you (so that you don't turn back).

Night Interdistrict brings together Association teams from all over metro, Illawarra and Central Coast and its great to see our girls make teams of this calibre.

We look forward to seeing Annabell, Grace, Steph, Charlotte, Eliza, Mikayla and Tyla slip into that ERNA uniform during Summer season and doing themselves proud.  Go forth and be fabulous ladies!  We know you can.

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