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7/8y Team finish Season on a HIGH

posted August 11, 2019 by Judith - viewed 35 times

Congratulations to our youngest Comets team 7/8y for a fabulous end to their season. For many of the players, it was the first season of netball and what a season it was. The girls improved every week and the last couple of games have been excellent. Yesterday's game was sensational!

Zahli had a terrific game, scoring goals and chasing down every loose ball. Isla has truly mastered the intercept and turns over a lot of ball for us - well done. Zali finds space on court then drives into another space to receive a pass - magic! Arum knows what "stick to your player" means and no one gets in front of her when she is defending in the circle - great work. Grace has improved every week and yesterday was no exception - finding space and strong passes.  Jessica  is always there to help out and get the ball - and when the drive is on an angle into space it is brilliant to see. Aliyah - she passes the ball just in time and when you think that no one is going to be clear to take a pass, she appears and receives the ball - good job. Elsie  has a really strong pass and loves shooting. Elizabeth great in defence and attack - another quality effort yesterday.

It has been a pleasure to coach the team this year. I have never taken a 7/8y team so it has been a learning curve for me too. How far they have all come and what a delightful group of girls to coach - I have enjoyed it. Thank you Mums and Dads. Hope to see all of the girls back in Comets uniforms next year.



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