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Semi Final Saturday -Go Comets!

posted August 12, 2019 by Susan Brownlow - viewed 385 times

7 of our Comets teams have made it through to the SEMI FINALS this Saturday.

3 of our 15s teams will be playing Round 15 hoping to make finals next week!

Well done everyone and Good Luck!

It would be great to see as many sideline supporters as posssible, cheering on our teams to a win! Bring out the pink and purple gear including our amazing new jackets and polo shirts!

Please take note of the different game times for all teams!

Arrive 30 mins before your games.

I have included a list below. The parking will be terrible as usual so please allow extra time and most importantly- Correct uniform must be worn, including white ankle length socks and black scungees.

Nails must be short and smooth and this should NOT be done on the sideline! Please do this Friday night.

Stay well hydrated before, during and after the game. 

Go Team Comets!



Comets 16-11/5 Semi -final

Court 20





Comets 13-13/3 Semi-final

Court 7

Comets 11-15/3

Court 20

Comets 12- 15/4

Court 25





Comets 10 –15/1

Court 21

Comets 6 –Cadet 1 Semi-final  

Court 10

Comets 5 –C10   Semi-final

Court 25





Comets 8- Cadet 3 Semi-final

Court 1

Comets 9- Cadet 6 Semi-final

Court 10

Comets 3- C3       Semi-final

Court 14




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